Monday, October 3, 2005

two over easy, and then eggs benedict

last week was pretty much a wash running-wise, though I did do a nice bike ride (22 miles rt) which I haven’t done for a while. when i lay off the running for more than a few days it not only seems harder to get started again, it actually is harder to maintain the level i come to expect from myself. If I can do five or so miles a few times a week and then do no running at all for several days, three miles then seems tougher—that sort of thing.

So after one of my no-excuse-for-it four-day hiatuses I ran 3.5 miles on two successive days last week, instead of my usual 5. I didn’t cry for my mommy but i didn’t exactly try to extend either. Then the bike ride and two days off (darn weekend. gotta get up earlier) and on a monday I got back into my favorite motivating routine: i hitch a ride with my wife to her work, which is five miles from where we live, and let her dump me on the side of the road (dramatic emphasis added). gotta get home, right? this always works and while the prospect of really having no recourse sometimes fills me with a sense of foreboding i never regret having done it.

on this particular monday i was feeling stronger than usual and when i reached that fork in the road where I leave the trail and branch home i had a forest gump moment. i had got this far, so maybe i’d just keep going.

ok, i didn’t reach the pacific but i did get to the next town, another 4+ miles. i stopped there to get some water (i picked this day not to carry any?) & pee & sit & stretch and in 15 minutes i turned around. gotta get home, right?

I had never done more than 6 miles before, and today i did 12.