Sunday, October 8, 2006

Working with Students

Sarah Bloom at work

The Online News Association conference was great and I met a lot of very cool people yada yada yada but one thing I did was unequivocally a lot of fun: mentoring (their word, not mine), a couple of senior journalism undergrads who were part of a very impressive project to have students cover the sessions for the ONA itself. For the time being, in fact, the ONA's landing page redirects to the student's coverage of the convention, and it is all good stuff.

The program was run as it has in past years by Claudette Artwick, Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at Washington and Lee University, but this is the first time I got involved.

My students didn't need much help. Sarah Bloom covered a panel about election coverage and Rebecca Shillenn of American University a breakout on how to make money doing enterprise journalism (or how to make money not doing enterprise journalism, as the case may be).

I was impressed with both of them and envious of their skills and professionalism.

My only question to them is: why the heck are you getting into this business?!