Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving, Again ...

We are cooking this year for a change and are having what should be an odd mix of the traditional and some Chinese creations from one of Nancy's friends. We seldom cook for Thanksgiving because, frankly, it is more trouble than it is worth since preparation always takes 10 times as much time as enjoyment. We always vow, "Never again!" but weaken after a two or three years since every variation on the celebratory theme has very tiresome flaws.

We rotate between:
  • eating out (upside: no preparation and no cleanup, downside: no leftovers);
  • quasi-mooching off friends (upside: limited culinary responsibility and no cleanup, downside: audience participation in another family's holiday dramas; limited leftovers) and
  • cooking at home, with or without guests (upside: plenty of leftovers; limitless alcohol intake; no special attire required [i.e., pants optional, possibly even with certain guests];


  • preparation must begin promptly two weeks after the previous Thanksgiving and yet everything must be cooked in the two hours before mealtime;
  • 'The Meal" actually lasts only about 20 minutes since preparers are too tired and too drunk to last any longer and thus is the dictionary definition of anti-climax;
  • cleanup requires help from the Army Corps of Engineers).