Monday, January 2, 2006

all for one

so the fam has decided to join me in vegan-ville, each for their own reasons. my wife, nancy, has been a vegan and a vegetarian and has always been a wiser eater than i, light years ahead of nearly everyone on nitrites, trans-fat, etc. my daughter, who recently turned 12, finds it appealing i think because there is a certain cachet about it just now -- there are hip eco undertones, with so many pop icons living the veg lifestyle (or at least saying they do). or perhaps i sell her short.

but as a family of vegans it will be the first time in living memory (sorry for the hackneyed journo phrase, but i am a hackneyed journo and am using it exactly as intended: to gloss over the fact i don't know the fact and am too lazy to ascertain it) that we will all be eating from the same trough. For the previous two years, give or take, i had been an atkins adherent, which didn't exactly exclude my wife and daughter but meant i had to be picky in other ways, and avoid such communal food as bread and pasta. when my wife was a pure veg a few years ago, she was the odd one out.

so now we are potentially in sync and, since i am mr. mom at the moment, will happily bear the lion's share (can vegans use that metaphor? this one, not a fanatic, certainly can) of meal prep.